Woven Technologies is a small consulting company based in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in serving the technology design and development needs of schools, non-profits and small businesses. Branded, digital newsletters and website development are our main areas of focus. However, we also love working with clients to develop logos and marketing materials to complement our technology design services.

Our mission is to help businesses and organizations effectively reach their end users by leveraging current technology channels. We strive to reduce the use of paper and replace with highly effective, digital content.

The “Woven” concept was born out of a recognition that in order to be effective in communication, we need to utilize more than one channel to reach end users. Like the threads of a tapestry, each technology channel is a single input to a larger picture. Woven together, the goal of strength in communication and brand can be achieved.

Please peruse our site to see examples and learn more about our process. If you have any interest in our services, we would love to hear from you!

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Email Marketing

One of our founding goals is to help organizations reduce their paper use, and at the same time provide a better way of sharing information. Communication through email has become the standard, but sometimes the presentation and organization of it can fall short when just using out-of-the-box email formats and functionality.

Website Development

We love collaborating with our clients to create beautiful websites that meet their functional and aesthetic goals. We strive to ensure the content is well organized, as well as, flexible for future changes as growth within the organization occurs.

Marketing Materials

We believe organizations thrive when their brand and mission have continuity across all platforms including web, email and print media.